February 20, 2020

Cash (The Black Cobras MC Book 2)

by Savannah Rylan and Kasey Krane 

She needed my help.Pretty little thing walking alone at night in this neighborhood is a bad idea.
It doesn't surprise me when I see some of those idiot Sons of Satan messing with a girl like her.
But I can't allow that.
Not here, not on my turf.
Vivian isn't from around here, I can tell the second she gets on my bike.
She needs money though, and we need a bartender.
Not to mention, she's a knockout.
When the Sons of Satan make another attempt...

February 17, 2020

DOMINIC (Halstead Billionaire Brothers Book 1)

by Lauren Wood  

Falling for a sexy legend has consequences.
Serious consequences.
Especially when that sexy God is your boss.
Dominic Halstead has “trouble” written all over his face.
All over his huge mansion and fancy clients.
The mystery, the legend, the reason my heart skipped beats.
I knew we were meant to be when I first saw him.
I was drawn to him. Immediately.
And then I made the mistake of telling my best friend.
She should’ve pulled me away from t...

February 16, 2020

Access: An Alex Drake Novel (The Alex Drake Series Book 1)

by Lexxi James  

An abrupt encounter. Undeniable attraction.
A mysterious connection to a man she doesn't know.Book #1 in the Alex Drake Series

Young and ambitious Madison Taylor is attracted to every bit of her billionaire CEO except his money. He knows things about her. Things nobody could know. She feels connected to him, but why?

Desperate to bury the past, wealthy workaholic Alex Drake prefers his women fly-by-night and his relationships at arm's le...

February 15, 2020

Alice In Chains: A Twisted Wonderland

by Crimson Syn  and Nikki Landis 

It’s time to go now, Alice.
Time to dive back into that rabbit hole.
Hurry and finish your tea, Alice.
Then return to where dark things go.
The good doctor thinks he knows it all,
He listens with bated breath.
Pretending his questions are innocent,
Hoping he’s getting you wet.
Don’t cry, Alice.
You chained and broken girl.
You’re not as pure as you were before.
You belong in a twisted world.
You belong in a mad, mad world.
With queens...

February 14, 2020

The Interview Series Box Set (A Contemporary Romance Boxset)

by Rylee Swann 

Don't miss this collection of steamy romance novels from USA Today Bestselling Author, Rylee Swann!
You're going to fall for the misunderstood rock star desperate for a second chance, the confident Dom who falls for the reporter at-first-sight, and the bad boy who simply wants happiness with the good girl.

Buy Link: Amazon

Violca's Dragon (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 1)

by Leilani Love 

Life has never been so dangerous. Good thing Vi...

February 13, 2020

Death is a Woman Omnibus: When Death Became a Woman, Drinking with Death, Disorganized as Death, All's Fair in Death and War, Two Sides of Death

by River Tatum  and Michael Anderle


Grim Reapers. Saving lives. Lessons in love.

Get the entire Death is a Woman series for one very low price, including the prequel!

Buy Link: Amazon

Whip Smart (The Loft Book 1)

by Siena Noble 

Teresa Bodnar is desperate for a fresh start. Scarred by her relationship with her cruel, controlling, and so-called "dominant" ex, she esc...

February 12, 2020

Judge (Dead Legion MC Book 2)

by Kasey Krane 

They call me Judge, because I bring down punishment.Thirteen years ago the love of my life, Carmen, walked out the door.
She said I was married to the Dead Legion.
She wasn't wrong.
But losing her was the biggest mistake of my life.
And now she's back, on the evening news, shot by our biggest rival.
Oh HELL no.
I will do anything to keep her safe, even if she doesn't want me back.
But one night alone together could change everything.
I'll show her, this time I'm ch...

February 11, 2020

Blind Date for Valentine's Shifter Box Set

by Mia Taylor  

Looking for steamy Valentine’s Day stories sure to steal your heart?
Look no further.
These romances will sweep you away as these sexy wolf shifters find their mates on blind dates…..and best of all, on Valentine’s Day.
Best selling paranormal romance author Mia Taylor invites you to fall in love 5 times over as you join these seductive characters on their journeys to passion and love.
Included in this Box Set:
Devon’s Blind Date
Emil’s Blind Date

February 9, 2020

Cold As Ice (Cold Love)

by Violet Paige 

I’m broken.
Hell, maybe it’s how I was made.
It’s not only my leg that is shattered, but my heart has never been whole.
One rough play threatens to sideline my career with a splintered bone and months of physical therapy.
But I fight back and find my place on a new team—the Dire Wolves.

Then I meet Noelle.
Gorgeous. Funny. Smart. And a single mom.
She’s been burned before and the risks are higher than ever.
She has a little girl who loves hockey like it’s in her DNA.

February 8, 2020

Love And The Undead: A Zombie Apocalypse Romance Novel

by E.B. Black  

Max doesn't believe in hope or true love.
She's divorced. She lost her daughter and mother in the zombie apocalypse. She's losing her grandmother slowly to alzheimers. She's seen more dead and undead bodies than she ever thought possible.
But fate doesn't care.
It brings her not ONE...not TWO...not even THREE...but FOUR hot men whose only desire is to win over her heart.
And while the world is being ravaged by tragedy, she'd rather con...

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